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paramore's resources

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Feb. 24th, 2009 | 06:19 pm
posted by: paramore in narnian

to be honest, my resources are kind of scattered. i google a lot of photos, i use flickr, weheartit, tumblr and deviantart, among several other websites.

your best bet if i forget or do not remember is probably looking through my weheartit and checking up on my deviantart favorites for stock images, brushes, textures, etc. as far as celebrity photos go, i usually find a good gallery via google and i am sure if you ask, i'll be able to provide it.

a lot of the time, i will make my own screen caps of videos for icons and what not, but in the event that i got caps from someone else, credit will be given here and in the post itself.

i also use dearest a lot, which is a journal i recommend highly for textures and what not. i'll eventually have a list in here as things start to pick up!

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